Dolphin watching and diving in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a real diving paradise with turquoise water and fine white beaches! Just off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa offers one of the largest coral reefs of the planet. As the hottest ocean in the world, divers can enjoy great visibility up to 35 meters and water with temperatures up to 36 degrees Celsius!

Dolphins are known as extremely intelligent and highly social animals. Although scientists are studying them for decades, especially their mutual relations and ways of communication, their smiling faces are still hiding lot of secrets.
Join us in watching these fascinating animals and try to reveal their secrets!
We offer you trips every day. Every trip lasts 2-3 hours.
Zanzibar is still considered one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world. Its underwater world offers a great variety of diving sites with beautiful diving on the coral reef, colourful intact reefs, fascinating fauna and ship wrecks. Diving conditions can no longer be better in the calm seas – ideal for anyone from beginner to expert.
The fantastic marine life around the diving spots in Zanzibar includes countless beautiful reefs with octopuses, calamaries, turtles, sharks, dolphins and more!
Zanzibar’s colours, along with ocean diving centres, organize high-value diving packages so you can benefit from all parts of your vacation!


  • the most beautiful beaches
  • fascinating history and culture, good-hearted people
  • great conditions for beginners and advanced
  • perfect weather all year round
  • one of the safest places in Africa
  • Decompression chamber available in Stone Town