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We are constantly updating our site. Current photos of the construction process can be found HERE. Don’t forget to visit us again. More information coming soon.

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Life in today’s “pandemic time” is getting harder and harder. Two years ago, we decided to create a project that preceded this time and is especially gaining in importance today. Planet Zanzibar – your piece of home beyond the horizon. You can find information that may interest you on our website. Today we present the latest hot new product for 2022: Palm Village. Houses in Zanzibar for a price lower than a studio apartment in many European countries. Read more ….

On the land of 10,000 m², ( location link: ) we set out 10 separate plots with an area of ​​500 m² each. In July we started construction of 10 detached villas with an area of ​​37 m² and 53 m². We offer three construction projects and two levels of equipment / construction completion, Basic and Comfort.

Villa 37 with an area of ​​37 m² consists of two rooms with an area of ​​10 and 20 m², a bathroom of 6 m², and two outdoor terraces.

Villa 53 with an living area of ​​53 m² and 100 m² of build-up area consists of three rooms with an area of ​​10, 10 and 20 m², two bathrooms of 6 m² each, and two outdoor terraces.

The villas are brick, mounted on a concrete foundation slab. Countertop, concrete, insulated roof.

Basic equipment at the Basic level includes:

  • large-area insulating glazing with dimensions: 300 x 240 cm in the PSK portal system
  • hinged insulating windows in the bedroom and bathroom,
  • paving floor in all rooms,
  • tiles and paving in the bathroom
  • paved with natural stone Tanga Stone outdoor terraces,
  • equipped bathroom (shower, sink, toilet)

The equipment for both villas in the Comfort level includes all equipment elements from the Basic level and in addition:

  • Air Condition
  • equipped kitchen with a length of 340 cm, including appliances (microwave, hot air oven, induction hob, refrigerator with freezer, washing machine)
  • bed / beds measuring 180 x 210 cm,
  • bedroom furniture,
  • living room and dining room equipment, lamps,
  • corner sofa set measuring 240 x 150 cm.

PRICE INCLUDING  500 m² of  land:

    •  Villa 37 Basic – 65 000 EUR
    • Villa 37 Comfort – 85 000 EUR
    • Villa 53 Basic – 98 000 EUR
    • Villa 53 Comfort –  122 000 EUR



Reservation fee – 10% of  the purchase price against signing Reservation Contract. The purchase price shall be paid in the form of 3 installments as follows:

  • 1st installment of 35% of the purchase price of the villa against the signing of the Contract of Work by both contracting parties
  • 2nd installment of 35% of the purchase price of the villa after finishing the rough construction
  • 3rd installment of 20% of the purchase price of the villa represents the total financial settlement of the work based on the work performed and deliveries after completion and handover of the construction to the customer. The Contractor has the right to demand payment on the day of signing the handover protocol and take over the work. The Client is obliged to take over the work and pay the remaining amount within 14 days from the handover of the work.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and find the best possible solution for your satisfaction. Email us at:,, call phone number +421 911 208 014, or contact us via the form in the CONTACT tab.



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Number of houses sold: 3

Number of reserved houses: 2

Start of construction: July 2022

Palm Village Project Location - Pongwe, Zanzibar. Distance from the beach 150 m