Project presentation

The project called Planet Zanzibar 1 was originally designed as an exclusive club project, which main idea was to build and operate a luxury residential facility on Zanzibar Island.


Land with an area of ​​almost 3,500 m2, situated right on the shore of the ocean is located in the Kusini Unguja area on the east coast of Zanzibar. According to the project documentation, the whole resort will consist of only two villas with an area of ​​250m2 and 360m2,  restaurant,  bar, one or two separate swimming pools and  rental of sports equipment. The total capacity of the complex is max. 12 person.
  • International Airport and Port at a distance of 45 km
  • air connections from Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and most of major European cities
  • average annual temperatures 24 – 32 ° Celcius
  • coast water temperature in December – April 30 – 34 ° C
  • high season – 10 months of the year
Villa type A
Villa typ B
Villa type A

Villa A – 250 sqm living space. Part of Villa A is an outdoor terrace of 100 sqm and a private pool. The villa is a one-story building.

Villa type B

Villa B – 250 sqm living space + covered terrace of 100 sqm. The villa is a ground floor building.



This system, using cold-formed galvanized / aluminized zinc light gauge steel framing as load-bearing structure, integrated with cladding material of heat insulation, sound insulation, water proof and fire resistant, is one kind of multi-functional, energy saving and eco-friendly housing systems. As a mature technology its all components can be produced on a large scale and the operation at construction site is only to assemble all components. Due to manufacturer’s information the lifetime of construction  is at least 70 years.

  • The composite roof has the functions of rainproof, weather resistance and heat insulation, and can achieve a variety of shapes
  • Ventilation circulation design always keep the air fresh

  • The walls of the house are filled with fiberglass cotton and sealed off from the outside with an insulation board. Thanks to this, the house has excellent insulation, thermal insulation and soundproofing performance
  • Pipelines and wiring are buried in walls and do not take up interior space
  • Respiratory paper, waterproof and breathable, which can effectively adjust indoor air humidity, make living more comfortable, and effectively prevent mould growth inside the wall
  • Cause the light gauge steel has minimal self-weight, strength requirements on the foundations of the building can be reduced
  • The basic moisture-proof design effectively prevents  harmful gas invasion and moisture during rain season
  • The reasonable anchoring method ensures the reliable connection between foundation and main body
  • Earthquake Resistance: It applies to district with earthquake fortification intensity of more than eight degree
  • Wind Resistance: It can resist hurricane of more than class 12
  • Durability: The lifetime of main structure body is over 70 years
  • Usable Area: Compared with traditional buildings its usable area has been increased by 5%-13%
  • Flame Rating: Depending on different design the fire retardant time can be one to four hours
  • Sound Insulation: exterior wall – 65 dB, interior wall – 45 dB
  • Heat Insulation: With 200 mm thick wall the house’s thermal resistance value can reach 3.2 ㎡·K/W
  • Environmental Protection: Steel material can be completely recycled
  • Energy Saving: Compared with traditional buildings, with new materials which have good insulation performances its energy can be saved by 65%
  • Construction Period: With the LIGHT GAUGE SYSTEM  is it one third of traditional construction period


The interior equipment and appliances will be tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. High quality materials used, modern furniture and branded electrical appliances are a matter of course in the villa. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with aluminium windows and doors with Thermal Brake technology and double glazing. This allows low energy consumption and maintain a pleasant climate to be kept inside the building

For each owner

  • Tanzanian and Zanzibar law permits 100% property ownership for foreigners
  • acquisition document and property ownership certificate
  • unlimited time and period during the year for personal using the villas
  • possibility of joining the “hotel program” and renting a villa with a profit min. 20 % p. a.
  • hotel staff services, including property protection, cleaning and dining options on site
  • ocean view and direct access to the beach from each villa

Available on site

  • swimming pool,  kayak and bicycles rental, possibility to rent or buy a car, parking spaces on-site
  • private front yard at each villa, slovak, german and english-speaking manager, local lawyer services.

Price and terms of payment

The price calculated as per 1 sqm ready made villa is 3500 EUR. The price depends on the living space of each house.
Villa A – 250 sqm living space. Part of Villa A is an outdoor terrace of 100 sqm and a private pool. The villa is a one-story building.

Villa B – 250 sqm living space + covered terrace of 100 sqm. The villa is a ground floor building.

  • When building 2 identical Type A villas, each has a private pool
  • When building 2 identical Type B villas, both villas share a common pool

The price for all costs (labour and material) associated with the real estate construction shall be paid by the Customer in the form of 4 installments as follows:

  • 1st installment of 30% of the purchase price of the property against the signature of the Work Contract by both parties
  • 2nd installment of 30% of the purchase price of the property, after completion of the superstructure (the shell) (main structure body)
  • 3rd installment of 30% of the purchase price of the property, after the installation of interior, appliances and furniture
  • 4th installment of 10% of the purchase price of the property represents the total financial settlement of the work based on the work and supplies. The Contractor shall have the right to issue the final invoice on the day of signing the handover and acceptance protocol. The Customer is obliged to take over the construction and pay the remaining amount within 30 days from the day of handing over the works.
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